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BBC News

Plant-eating dinosaurs 'strayed from veggie diet'
BBC News
The idea of plant-eating dinosaurs having a strict vegetarian diet has been called into question. New evidence suggests that some dinosaurs snacked on shellfish and insects as well as plant food. A study of fossilised droppings indicates duck-billed ...
Dinosaur Diet Discovery: “Plant-Eater” Snacked On CrustaceansDiscover Magazine (blog)
Fossilized feces show that vegetarian dinosaurs cheated on their dietThe Denver Post
Fossilized poop reveals dinosaurs had really diverse dietsNew York Post
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Business Insider

Tom Brady drinks up to 2.5 gallons of water a day as part of his incredibly strict diet
Business Insider
The book, released on Tuesday, contains 320 pages outlining Brady's guiding principles on diet and exercise, as well as an account of his personal journey to achieving physical fitness. On page 221, he describes how you can hydrate like a five-time ...

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Medical Xpress

Whole food diet may help prevent colon cancer, other chronic conditions
Science Daily
A diet that includes plenty of colorful vegetables and fruits may contain compounds that can stop colon cancer and inflammatory bowel diseases in pigs, according to an international team of researchers. Understanding how these compounds work on a ...
Whole food diet may help prevent colon cancer, other chronic ...Medical Xpress

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The Fed's new 'diet' will likely cause some 'hunger pains' in the bond market
The Federal Reserve just announced it is going to start paring down its massive $4.6 trillion balance sheet. The bond market had a spastic reaction, with Treasury yields spiking. There could be more "hunger pains" to come with this new Fed diet ...

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Atlanta Journal Constitution

Cheat days may actually help dieters lose weight, study finds
ABC News
Taking cheat days, or breaks, while dieting may actually help aid weight loss, according to a new study from Australian researchers. The small study looked at two groups of obese men who participated in a four-month diet requiring them to restrict ...
How to lose weight: Take a break from your diet for two weeksAtlanta Journal Constitution
Building 'Breaks' Into Your Diet Could Help You Lose More Weight ...HuffPost
How to Lose Weight: Two-Week Diet Better for Dropping PoundsNewsweek
Women's Health -The Independent
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The Daily Meal

Cheating on Your Diet Can Help You Lose Weight
The Daily Meal
Cheat days are every dieter's favorite day of the week — they're the days when (for once) you can eat whatever you want whenever you want it on your diet. But only for a day, which means cheat days can get wild. In fits of deprived excitement, dieters ...
This Is Why Ditching Your Diet (for a Few Weeks) Will Help You Lose WeightReader's Digest
Study says 'cheating' on your diet may be the healthiest way to lose weightFOX 11 Los Angeles

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High fat diet displays health benefits in mice
Johns Hopkins News-Letter
The Bacon Diet. Believe it or not, there is an actual diet colloquially known as the Bacon Diet, and it may just stave off illness, help you lose weight, help you become stronger, give you more energy and help you live longer. This eating plan does not ...

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EurekAlert (press release)

Study shows diet and exercise improve treatment outcomes for ...
EurekAlert (press release)
Diet and exercise may improve treatment outcomes in pediatric cancer patients, according to a study at The University of Texas MD Anderson Children's Cancer ...

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7 Signs Your Vegetarian Or Vegan Diet Isn't Working For You ...
Find out if your meat-free eating plan is doing more harm than good. Plus, how to tweak your plant-based diet to get back to good health.

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Tom Brady Just Revealed His Intense Diet for Peak Fitness (and Why He Won't Drink Water at Mealtime)
Brady lays out his diet in his new book, The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance. His way of eating could best be described as an anti-inflammatory diet, which in general terms is a diet rich in fiber that helps reduce ...
Does the Tom Brady alcohol diet work? - Business InsiderBusiness Insider
Here's What Tom Brady Eats Every Day, And It's Actually Really, Really SadMaxim
Patriots superstar Tom Brady shares his dietCBS News
Men's Health
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